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      What's New! — qi nokia lumia phone

      The Nokia Lumia 925…what’s the verdict?

      With the imminent release of the Nokia Lumia 925, pre ordering has gone through the roof for this latest model.  But is it really worth the hype?  

      Well having seen the new model, it is safe to say that Nokia have clearly taken criticisms on board for the heaviness of its Lumia 920, as the new 925 weighs in at a slender 139g, almost 50g lighter than the 920.

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      Qi Wireless Charging - look no wires!

      Qi (the Chinese word for energy flow, pronounced "chee") is a new global standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium which enables 'wireless charging' of devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and gaming consoles... 

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