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      What's New! — iPod dock

      'Tis The Season To Be Stressed...

      It’s been a while since I’ve been here and much has happened.  Most obviously, the summer has zipped by and we are well into winter now with Christmas only around the corner. 

      Remember when it was still August and every major high street store seemed to bring out their Christmas decorations on the same day?  How I scoffed at the comercialisation of a holiday that is meant to be about family, friends and the spirit of love and giving.  Who on earth would buy anything remotely Christmassy when we were still lazying around and enjoying the last of the sunshine? 

      However, fast forward 4 months and I’m running around like a maniac trying to get all of my Christmas shopping finished before the season well and truly sets in.  I am always one of the last few stragglers left running up and down the West End on the eve of Christmas, panic-buying inappropriate, useless gifts for my neareast and dearest.  The energy, stress, not to mention the cash!  Oh indeed, Christmas is an expensive time of year, in more ways than one.  

      However, I have had a head start this year.  With powerbanks, wireless speakers and wireless chargers, I have almost completed all of my Christmas shopping. 

      The new e-Wave Stereo speakers are a god-send for buying a gift for the boyfriend.  They are ideal for him.  Coming as pair, I can see it now, they’ll sit proudly either side of his living room.  You can place them up to 10 metres apart wirelessly and they play in stereo, replicating natural sound.  No mess, no wires.  And they will play up to 10 metres away from your device. 

      And boy do they pack a mean punch.  The sound is great on them.

      And the beauty is that I know it’s a useful present that he’ll love.  No stuffing away quietly in the lonely cupboard...the land of forgotten panic-bought gifts. Value for money. Excellent.

      Now I think I’ll just replicate that present for my brother, sister, best friend…Pre-Christmas stress? Pah! Sorted!

      Heat Waves, Saving the Cash and 90s Throwbacks…

      I love a good heat wave, as I’m sure most of the sun-deprived population of the UK does…a good healthy dose of Vitamin D, just what we all need! But of course the sun can temporarily make your common sense shut down completely.  Sometimes for days on end.   It’s not technically the fault of the innocent sun-deprived man or woman…as soon as the sun comes out, the money just flies out of your pocket faster than you can say, “Could I have a receipt for that please?”

      Somehow the sun just makes everything seem better.  That expensive pair of shoes, the cool brightly coloured trousers, the floaty sun dress…it will all be ok, the sun is shining after all!

      However, when the sun goes down, and all we are left with are receipts and minus figures in our bank accounts, the issue of money-saving suddenly seems a little more important.

      My safety net formed comfortably in my mind with the thought that I’ve saved £400 this summer.  This thought has become a mantra of comfort whenever I feel a little queasy at my latest purchase.  The sun is lethal in more ways than one.

      I was extremely proud of myself this year for two things.  One was holding out on buying an expensive sound dock for my iPod.  The other was deciding not to give my old iPod dock or hi-fi away.

      I mean I’m as gaga about advancing technology as the next person, but there is one thing that does annoy me.  As the devices get more and more advanced, what happens to those expensive systems we bought years ago that now seem a bit redundant?

      I remember the days where I was so ridiculously excited to be taken to HMV to buy the latest album, or single that everyone was talking about.  By the time I was a super cool 12 year old, I had redesigned the layout of my ‘space’, aka my weirdly decorated bedroom.  I realised I (or rather my parents) needed to invest in a sound system for me. 

      Lo and behold, for my 13th birthday I was gifted the ultimate in musical systems for any teenager trying desperately to be cool among her friends.   A Panasonic sound system.  That empty space on top of a specially erected table I had in the corner of my oh-so-zen room was now redundant no more.  I’ll never forget the day I set it up and put on my first song - I won’t tell you what it was as you’ll scoff if I do, but I will tell you that the band consisted of four girls wearing a LOT of denim...

      When I look back on it, that system was way more than any 13 year old should have possessed.  The sound is incredible and it is still a slick-looking piece of equipment 13 years on.

      Of course a few years later the iPod hit the market, and CDs were no longer to be spoken about, let alone used.  I bought a Bose sound dock to go with my first iPod Mini and away I was.  Head-bopping along to the hardcore Eminem that seemed to give you instant street cred.

      As the years have passed on, my iPod Mini broke and I never listened to my sound dock again, as the pins on the bottom of the new iPods changed.  Even last year when I got my first iPhone (angels appeared next to that magical black box), I couldn’t use it on my dock.  However, this seemed like a small price to pay for my new pride and joy.  At least it had Bluetooth capability, so I could sync it to my e-Storm.  But there was one thing that bothered me….

      My poor iPod dock seemed to be staring at me from my living room side table.  I could almost feel it questioning my newfound happiness and yearning through the living room awash with Bluetooth signals, ‘where do I fit into this happy picture?’

      I felt like I was deliberately leaving an old friend out of my new cool group of mates.  Don’t even get me started on the Panasonic hi-fi looking sad and lonely in the corner.

      It almost got too much at one point and I was mulling over the idea of giving them both away, when I was gifted with a small but wondrous little invention that changed our home into the multi sound system heaven it is today.

      The Bitmore Universal Bluetooth Wireless Audio Adaptor is the best thing I have got this year hands down.  A soon as I got one and realised how brilliant it is, I immediately got another one.

      One is connected to my iPod dock, which now sits happily in my bedroom ready to rare up whenever I need some music to wind down to.  The other one is connected to my Panasonic system in the living room; thank the Bluetooth gods that I didn’t throw that system away, the bass on that system is amazing!

      So not only can I use my perfectly working iPod dock and hi-fi; I’ve also saved the £400 I was planning to spend on a new dock system!  With a month still left of the summer, the parties and garden get-togethers are still rolling on.  What better excuse to invite all your friends around?  They can all sync their Bluetooth devices to the audio receiver, so when your playlist starts to get a little, how should I put this, more ‘selective-taste’….someone else can save the day and put their tunes on.

      With all the money you save on not needing to buy an expensive sound dock to accommodate new devices, you needn’t feel so bad about all the other summer purchases this heat wave is making you splurge on.  So what more do you need?

      Lets bring back the 90s and get those hi-fis out and proud! Maybe leave the Spice Girls Greatest Hits behind though….