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The Nokia Lumia 925…what’s the verdict?

With the imminent release of the Nokia Lumia 925, pre ordering has gone through the roof for this latest model.  But is it really worth the hype?

Well having seen the new model, it is safe to say that Nokia have clearly taken criticisms on board for the heaviness of its Lumia 920, as the new 925 weighs in at a slender 139g, almost 50g lighter than the 920.

 As well as its weight reduction, it feels slim in the hand, as it is just over 2mm thinner than the 920, measuring in at slick 8.5mm.

However, have these cosmetic changes really made this a superior model?  Well the improved version does boast a better camera, but there is one feature that it has had to sacrifice.  Nokia has decided to drop the built in wireless charging function.  You will still be able to charge the phone wirelessly, but only by adding on clip on shells, likely to be sold separately.

Well, this new Windows phone is certainly top of the range, but personally I was disappointed that they took this feature away, especially as wireless charging is making big waves in the market.

Now I’m certainly not a lover of gimmicks or cheap fads, as many people misunderstand wireless charging features to be, but I really believe ‘no wires’ is the way forward.  With the option of a lighter phone, or a slightly heavier one with the ability to drop it on the charging pad and go- I’d go for the latter any day.

"Why?" I hear the collective voice ask me, "wireless charging is not catching on that quickly!"  And I would have agreed with you many moons ago, but my Qi wireless kit has revolutionised my mobile life.  Before we had them on our website, I decided to try one out to see what the new hype was about (believe me, I have never been into fads).  But having tried one, I now have three- one sitting in my kitchen, one on my desk at work, and one in my bedroom. 

"Yes," I hear you say, "but does it really make a difference to just put your phone on a charging pad rather than just plugging it in to the charger?"

Oh yes indeed is my answer.   I didn’t really notice the difference at first. But when I got over the novelty of something new and pretty on my desk at work, I started realising what a great invention it was.  Now one cannot call it a luxury, or even a major time saver, as if you are totally honest with yourself, how long does it take to plug your phone into a charger

But there is a definite move away from the old ways of charging with the onset of these little babies.  It’s just so easy! On the pad it goes, you don’t even think about it.  No visible wires, no looking for that pesky wire that’s disappeared under the desk or bed.  No fuss, no mess, no tangle.  And it looks cool when that blue light lights up (but that’s just my personal sci-fi geek-ness peeking through).

So although many would disagree with me, I personally think Nokia hasn’t made the wisest choice. If you’re going to upgrade your model, I think it’s important to keep the feature that’s going to be making waves in the market this year.  Yes, we all want a thinner and lighter version of the previous model of phone we had, but surely not at the expense of a great feature.  I personally, will be sticking with my Samsung S4 and my wireless pads. 


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