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Ways To Get Into The Summer Spirit...

So the summer is upon us.  Well it should be anyway.  We have had glimpses of it, little tasters to tantalize us, but we are yet to have a prolonged period of some much-missed sunshine.  My shorts and flip flops are constantly at the ready to break out of the deepest, darkest corners of my wardrobe, only to be disappointed on a daily basis.

Never one to count on the glorious British summer, I’m buying my summer cheer this year…and I’m not talking about buying a one way ticket to the Caribbean.  I’m talking about sipping on Pimms and devouring homemade ice cream during my makeshift Wimbledon party at home.  Well why not?  If the sun isn’t going to shine, I might as well pretend like it is!  And what better reason do I need then a Wimbledon final?  After all, Andy has made it this far, and who knows…we might just be on our way to a tennis bank holiday if he wins.

And for when Wimbledon is over, what to do then with all my fellow sunshine-deprived guests?  Well that’s when the party gets going.

I have been singing the praises of portable Bluetooth speakers for as long as my friends and family care to remember, but everyone sees my point once I blast them some tunes on it.  Especially when I daisy-chained two of my e-Waves. I previously thought one was brilliant, as it was enough to fill a room full of people; but when I hooked two up together so they played in stereo- well that’s when things started to really get going!

I’m not going to waste time droning on and on about how brilliant the speakers are, as to be honest; unless you hear them and try them, you won’t have a clue about what I’m talking about.  These babies need to be tried and tested to see the brilliance.

So instead I’ll recommend this- buy yourself some guaranteed summer.  It’s brilliant, I promise.  You won’t have to bother checking the weather reports or praying that the sun will still be shining by the weekend.  Simply get a bunch of your friends together, break out the Pimms (maybe experiment with some homemade cocktails- I personally recommend a Jelly Bean Mojito) and get your playlists at the ready.  With your Bluetooth speakers, even if you’re playlists run out, or if they’re not to everyone’s tastes, just get your one of your mates to synch their smart phoneiPod up to it.  It couldn’t get any easier!  And hey presto, you’re ready to dance the night away summer style, come rain or some-much-needed shine!


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