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Is There Anything Our Mobile Phones Can't Do?

With nearly 76 million mobile phone users in the U.K. alone, it is clear that these little devices are now a part of everyday life. The advent of smartphones has further increased the ability to do just about anything with the press of a button, especially when it comes to shopping. A friend can text you a link from an email she received about a sale at Harrods and you can be there in five minutes taking advantage of the bargains. You can hear a song while walking by a car and your phone can identify the tune and direct you to a site where you can then purchase it to enjoy at your leisure. It makes you wonder, is there anything mobile phones can't do? The key to the enhanced power of mobile phones is apps. There are literally millions of apps available and more being released everyday. The great thing about apps is that there are many useful apps you can use for shopping that you can find for free. And the ones you have to pay for are really worth it, if you choose carefully. Just take a minute to think about how your shopping experience has changed since mobile phones turned into something once dreamed up only in science fiction movies. Mobile phones have brought us the following shopping innovations: 

• You can browse your favorite shopping site from wherever you are located. 
• You can make a purchase via your phone if you can't physically get to a store. 
• You can check ahead of time to confirm that the item you want is actually available. 
• You can check competitors' prices at the touch of a button before you make a purchase. 
• You can track your orders via your phone to know exactly when they will arrive. 

While there is still something to be said for the in-person shopping experience, mobile phones have taken the shopping experience beyond the walls of a physical location. With a mobile phone in hand, you quickly become an educated consumer. Of course, this also means that those serving you at actual stores have to be a little more prepared themselves. It turns out, some of them are. More stores are now offering their own special apps that can be used to give customers a little extra savings. Don't forget about the coupon and discount codes you can find for additional savings. It is really the interactive nature of mobile phones that makes them an even more valuable shopping tool. Some stores allow you to reserve items you want or order them via your phone and pick them up later in person to save on the shipping fee. You can even check the weather before you head out for a day of shopping to save you from buying an umbrella out of desperation. When you factor in live traffic reports and easy access to directions on how to get to your shopping destination as quickly as possible, it's easy to make the argument that mobile phones can do just about anything. What do you think? How has your mobile phone changed how you shop?


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