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      May's travel guide - virtual edition

      May's travel guide - virtual edition

      Stay at home, they said.

      Visit the world from the comfort of your home, we say.

      No tickets & no queues. You can thank us later!


      We’ve got you covered (again) with a few more places you could visit while staying at home.


      Spending time in nature, exploring landscapes and ruins is now a click away. The UNESCO World Heritage of Machu Pichu is available in a virtual 360° tour here

      Greece is one of the most visited countries in Europe during summer. We know you’re missing it, so explore Ancient Greece from the comfort of your sofa. 

      International travel is good, but local travel is Great (Britain). Check out the Royal Academy in London. The Guardian described ‘Sensing Spaces’ as the most ambitious architectural exhibition for decades. You can now access all six galleries. Enjoy your visit! 


      Fancy a visit to the Royal Residence? The Palace of Holyrood House is Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence, and you can now sneak in and have a look inside.


      We know you’ll have a great virtual time! – Tweet us your experience!

      April's travel guide - virtual edition

      April's travel guide - virtual edition

      Since we all need to practice social distancing and travelling is not an option for now, we've got you covered!

      By now, you may have already finished your favourite series on Netflix and your motivation to exercise in your living room is probably sat on the sofa too!

      We have prepared a list of places you can visit (virtually) from the comfort of your home!


      • Louvre Museum Paris has popular exhibitions with free virtual tours;

      • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History can be virtually visited with a 360° rooms tour;

      • The Vatican Museum is offering virtual tours of the New Wing, Niccoline Chapel, Sistine Chapel and many others;

      • The British Museum London: Egyptian mummies and Aztecs history are amongst a few of the things you can learn more about.


      • If you're a LEGO lover, the Great Lego Race and Miniland USA can be visited online 

      • Ever ridden a virtual roller coaster? No? Us either. Now you can, at SeaWorld Orlando.


      We hope you have a nice break from your Netflix series, and enjoy new ways of connecting with your family!

      #staysafe #stayhome