By Denisa Mihaila

January's travel guide

Christmas & New Year’s celebrations (and stresses) might now be in our rearview mirror but the cold weather is very much present so here at Bitmore we believe we all deserve a short, hot, relaxing holiday on the beach.


As one of the most visited destinations in January around the world, this month our recommendation is Costa Rica.

In January, there’s little rain and on the Pacific side  it’s actually the dry season and mostly sunny weather.


As January is a perfect time to visit Costa Rica, availability of hotels and flights will  be low at this time of the year but it’s well worth trying your luck.


Weather in January: temperature average 27° Celsius, humidity: 62%, 66% chance of sun.


If you’re looking for inspiration, Vicky Flip Flop has a blogpost on “Best Places to Hike in Costa Rica”.



Don’t forget your travel essentials!

If you're a solo traveller:

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Enjoy your holiday and don't forget to tell us how we helped! 



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