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Panic Over, The Powerbank is Here...

The most irritating technological problem of today is actually more basic than one would imagine when posed with this question.  After all the advances made in the last ten years in mobile and gadget technology, there is one thing that still really irritates the masses- BATTERY LIFE!

It’s always when you need your device the most that it chooses to run out of juice.   It’s weird to think that a smartphone that can seemingly do anything, won’t last 12 hours without needing a refuel. 

I have felt the irritation that I know I share with every other human who thought life would be made simpler with a smartphone.   As an example, a few weeks ago I was on my way to a job interview and was looking up the location on my smartphone.  I have now begun to take for granted that I have a built in sat nav on my phone.  It was 2.30pm.  Bear in mind that my phone had been on charge all night.  I admit that in the morning, I had sent a few emails and texts catching up after the weekend…maybe I was even listening to some music (I can almost hear the collective, “Well, what did you expect?”).

And as I sat on the tube, listening to my music, suddenly I was warned that I only had 10% left!  How had this happened?  It was taken off the charger at 8am!  It had only been 6 and a half hours! I quickly switched my music off and was forced to turn off all my apps.

As I got off the tube I turned on the maps on my phone and prayed that there would be enough battery to get me to my destination.  We got off to a promising start, my phone and I.  Until, that is, half way on my journey it completely switched off.

Now I began to panic.  How was I going to find the offices?  I couldn’t even call or email them to tell them I was going to be late!  I stopped a few people on the street to ask for directions, and then suddenly remembered I didn’t know what the door number was.  I hadn’t thought of a back up plan in case my phone switched off!  I finally made my way to the Kings Road, not knowing which end I was meant to be at.  I had 8 minutes to spare.  My mind started flooding with worry and I began to sweat like I’d just come out of a Bikram yoga session.  

In desperation, I found a payphone and called my flat mate at her office.  I think the alarm in my voice must have translated, as she immediately rose to the occasion.  “Have you left the boiler on again?!” she asked. 

I explained my predicament.  She signed into my email account and gave me the address for where I needed to go. I got there three minutes late, not the best of starts...

When the Bitmore® e-Fuel™ 2600mAh Smartphone Powerbank walked into my life, I could practically see the clouds parting and the angels singing.  I grasped it with two hands, not quite believing that this little ray of hope could answer my prayers.

After charging it for two hours, I eagerly put it in my bag, just willing my phone to lose its battery.  My carefree step was probably visible to anyone who saw me walking around, possibly thinking I had a new boyfriend, new job or maybe had just put down the deposit for a first flat.  Little did they know it was simply down to a powerbank!

And lo and behold, by 5pm the phone was dead.  Not a panicked bone in my body, I simply sat on the tube, whipped out my iPhone 5 and charging wire and plugged it into the powerbank, which was sitting snugly in my pocket.   

Within 10 minutes I had 10% battery, enough to make a call, and within an hour and 15 minutes I had 100% with 5% juice left on the powerbank.  So plenty for one full charge and a little left over!

This little baby has changed my life, I can use it with my phone, MP3 player, even my digital camera.   Now when I go out, there are occasions when I still hear the odd “Oh my phone’s dead, now what?” or see someone waiting to use the plug point at Starbucks.  If only they knew what I knew….


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