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Never run out of battery on your Smartphone & Portable gadgets again!

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It is one of the most talked about gadget problems of today, and a problem that even some of the biggest names in technology can’t seem to solve. Why don’t our devices have a decent battery that can serve the requirements of today’s life? We can do almost anything with our smartphones, from the basic calls, messaging and emails, to using them as sat navs, gaming devices, and mini TVs.


So it is only natural that modern man has become dependent on the smartphone when he or she is on the move. But what happens when half way through an important phone call, or just as you are about to write that urgent email, it suddenly runs out of battery?

We have all been there. The annoyance of looking at your phone screen at midday only to see that it has 30% battery left, not even enough to get you past the end of your lunch break. People looking for plug points and lugging their chargers to cafes, restaurants and other public places has become a common sight.

Bitmore have come up with the answer to solve our frustration. The e-Fuel 2600mAh Powerbank is designed to recharge your smartphone, digital camera or gaming console battery when you are on the move. It is an exceptionally simple device to use. The powerbank can be charged via your PC or laptop until the small LED screen reaches 99. When you’re on the move and in need of more juice, simply plug the e-Fuel Powerbank into your device, via the micro USB cable that is provided.

The Bitmore e-Fuel is the stylish way to recharge your battery when you need it most, on-the-go. It is small enough to fit in your bag or your pocket, and is compatible with all smartphones. It comes with a standard micro USB cable, which is compatible with most smartphones, but if you have a device that has a different connection port, like the iPhone 5 for instance, you can use your own charging cable. No need to lug your charger around or waste time looking for plug points.

Jacob Hughes, Product Manager at Bitmore, comments: “This will be one of our biggest selling products and has already proved to be hugely popular with our customers. It isn’t really a luxury but more of a necessity as people need to be available and online practically 24/7 nowadays for business, leisure or even just peace of mind and safety. After all, you never know when you might need to make an emergency call. This is a safety net small enough to fit in your pocket.”

The Bitmore e-Fuel takes up to two hours to charge and it will keep its fuel for up to three months without using it. The e-Fuel is designed to give most smartphones at least one full charge before needing to be recharged itself. So easy, very discreet and, for £19.99, one of the most useful tools you can have in your bag.

A wide range of Bitmore® e-Fuel™ Powerbanks Available at: Bitmore


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