Welcome to Bitmore.co.uk. Where, like the name says, we endevour to really give you a 'bitmore'! It could be a 'bitmore' value, functionality, innovation, or uniqueness, but somehow, we will give you a 'bitmore'!

We love gadgets, and cool consumer electronic products. That's why we are on a mission to to bring these products and brands to the UK, at an affordable price. But we know its not just about the innovation, we all need practical and good quality products too, that why we also look to source quality, everyday, practical products for you too! But, like the name says, the products or the deal needs to have a 'bitmore' something, or we are not interested! 

We hope that you are inspired by our selection of products, which is growing on a day by day basis, and that you will come back and visit us soon, because you may be surprised at what you find!!