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      Product Registration

      Thanks for purchasing a Bitmore product.

      To register your FREE Bitmore 24 month guarantee, simply enter the product registration code or your products model number into the "Serial number" field below. Don't forget to add your product to the 'Product name" field, either type your product name in the box, or type in your product number.

      The Benefits of registering your Bitmore product are:

      • FREE 24 month manufacturer guarantee - We’re confident nothing will go wrong, but if it does, we’ll make it right. Read the terms here.
      • Support - Get the most of your product with easy access to our tech support. Any questions, email us on or call us on +44(0)20 3026 2608
      • Offers & Updates - By registering your product, you will be entered into a free monthly prize draw, get special offers, new product and feature updates.

      Where to find the product name

      You can find this on the product packaging, on your order confirmation and written directly on some products.

      Where to find the product registration code

      This is on little green card inside the product packaging.

      Formats vary by product, but there is only 1 registration code on the card.

      Where to find the product number

      On the back of the packaging near the barcode or the on the back of your product itself.

      Look for an alphanumeric code that starts BM-

      Do not enter any characters from B/N onwards

      If you get stuck, email us on or call us on +44(0)20 3026 2608