Qi Airpulse™ Wireless Charging Plate - use with any Qi wireless Device

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The Qi Wireless Charging Plate utilizes magnetic induction to create a wireless charging pad which Qi-compatible devices may be charged with. The user may simply place their Qi-compatible device such as phones as well as other devices such as gaming accessories. Some compatible Qi gaming accessories are the Qi Xbox 360 controller battery, Nintendo DS back cover and the PlayStation 3 Qi battery cover. Whichever Qi enabled device the user is utilizing, they may charge the device by placing it on the Qi charging pad when required. When the user places their Qi phone, Xbox or PlayStation 3 controller on the Qi charging pad, the magnetic induction charge will recharge the battery unit of the device until it has reached a full charge. Afterwards, a power off protection feature will be initiated via the built-in intelligent circuit design. The Qi Wireless Charging Plate accepts a 19V DC power supply, with a maximum power output of 5 Watts. Weighing in at 85 grams, the charging plate is lightweight and ideal for use in various settings. Also packaged with the unit is a 150 centimeter power adapter cable for use when charging devices with the unit.
The Qi charging pad is available in either Black or White.

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