Bitmore® iDock Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Music Receiver

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Play music wireless through your iPhone / iPod / iPad dock speakers.

Features at a glance:

  • Turn your iPod Dock into a wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • iDock supports Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo transmission offering 100% stability and excellent stereo sound playback
  • Stream music to your dock from any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Automatically switch to phone mode during an incoming call, even if you are listening to music
  • Use the 3.5mm Aux connector on the iDock receiver to connect another speaker to double your sound output
  • A2DP / AVRCP
  • 10m (approx 30ft) transmitting distance
  • 30 pin dock interface connector
  • Compatible with: iPhone / iPad (All Models), iPod Touch, iPod Nano, Android / Windows / Blackberry handheld devices, Macbook, iMac, other PC laptops & desktops with Bluetooth

The perfect solution if you have the new iPhone 5. No need to upgrade your dock, or get converter cables, simply stream straight from your iPhone 5 to your existing dock without any hassle!

Simply connect this little adapter to your docking station's 30 pin connector (as you would your iPod), search for the 'i3' device on your phone, iPod, iPad, Tablet PC etc Depending on your Bluetooth device, it will either pair up automatically, or it may ask for a pin number, if it does enter '0000' - and your done! It's that simple.

Stream music directly to your docking station without the need to plug in your iPod - it really is that easy! Use the 3.5mm port on the top of the adapter and connect it up to the aux/line in of another set of speakers or Hi-Fi system and double your sound output!

Keep it in your pocket, use at your friends place, share your music and share other peoples music without any time!

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