Bitmore® SwissConnect™ for iPhone 4/5 & Micro USB w 4GB Flash Drive

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Unique Swiss Army Knife Design, lightweight, and small enough to fit in your pocket. Simply set the switch to which device you want to charge i.e iphone or micro USB, and then pull out the USB connector and attach it to your laptop or PC, and them pull out any one of the three charging connectors (iP4/5 or Micro USB), and connect it to your device - then charge n sync away!                      

Specs at a glance:                                                                                                                 

3-in-1 design, with 30 Pin for iPhone 4/4S, 8 Pin for iPhone 5/5S/5C & iPad 2/3/4/Air                                                      

Micro USB connector to fit most other mobile smartphones such as  Samsung, HTC, Nokia, etc..

Hot sync - charge and transfer data simultaneously

Supports USB 2.0, so it can connect to your Laptop/PC/USB  charger etc


Size: 9cm x 2cm x 1.5cm

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