Bitmore® e-Scape STEREO™ Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

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Features at a glance:
Wireless Bluetooth
Stereo sound
Hands free speakerphone
Built in lithium battery - up to 8 hours playback
Crystal clear distortion free sound
Get ready to be amazed with the latest speaker to join the Bitmore™ range of portable wireless speakers! With the Bitmore™ e-Scape™  you’ll be left thinking, how can a pair of small speakers produce such a crystal clear, distortion free sound? It’s time to get rid of the messy cables and join the wireless Bluetooth revolution! 
Sound Technology
Like our e-Storm™ and e-Wave™, the e-Scape Stereo™ speakers use the latest technology.  The booming bass and crisp clarity, even at maximum volume, that are prevalent in the rest of the range, are ever present in the e-scape too. Audio processing and near-zero distortion that really give the e-Scape™ Stereo a formidable sound!
Listen to your favourite music in true stereo sound separation.
Conference Calling
The e-Scape Stereo™ speakers also have a conference calling function, which allows you to make and receive calls via the built-in mic on the speakers when they are connected to your mobile phone.
The eScape Stereo™ speakers are powered by a lithium battery with a quick charging function.  They take 2-3 hours to charge for up to 6 - 8 hours playback! 
Tech Spec
Built in Lithium battery voltage: 3.7v
Lithium battery capacity: 500mAh
Recharging voltage: 5V
Horn specifications: 40mm 44Ω 2W + 2W
Frequency response: 180Hz - 20KHz
SNR (Signal to noise ratio): >80dB
Distortion degree: <0.1%
Size: 84 x 62 x 58mm (closed) / 168 x 62 x 28mm (open)
Weight: 220 grams
Quick USB charging function - 2/3 hours
Playback time 6 – 8 hours
Playback controls (volume, forward/rewind, pause)

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