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      Studio 19

      At Studio 19, we’re redefining audio by bringing sophisticated design and incredible sound to every moment. Wherever and whenever you’re listening, Studio 19 promises the richest experience and audio the way it was meant to be heard.

      We get there through innovation, not outright invention. Just as musicians unlock endless possibilities from 12 simple tones, our British designs take existing technologies and orchestrate them into something that’s never been heard before – stylish, high-quality products that people want to own.

      And it’s not just music. We’re passionate about audio of every kind, so we bring the same world-class engineering to movies and gaming.

      Our first range, the Solo Series, redefines portable audio with precision engineering and exceptional quality. Featuring patented 360 degree technology, Solo combines space-filling, high-fidelity sound with a compact form factor that can go anywhere.

      It’s a landmark of audio design and engineering, representing exceptional value for money. But, more importantly, it transforms what it means to listen – pure, uncompromised sound and absolute clarity in every detail.