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      eco:sense - your eco-friendly alternative

      At Bitmore®, we are underpinned by a socially-responsible ethos, which we call ‘eco:sense’. It encompasses our commitment to using sustainable and eco-friendly materials as much as possible, from reclaiming left over wheat straw and repurposing plastics.

      In our eco:sense range you will find the latest tech for your devices, made using 100% recycled plastic and/or wheat straw, reducing new plastic use by at least 35%.

      Not only is all the eco:sense packaging fully recyclable, but we use 100% recycled card and paper, eco-friendly inks, and our product manuals are digital - just scan the QR code with your product!

      By opting for our eco-friendly tech you are helping us to clear plastic from our oceans and protect the lungs of our planet (the Amazon Rainforest) OneTr1be.

      As of March 2022 we have saved over 8,045 trees (12.68 acres) of the Amazon rainforest, that's equivalent to over 1,260.04 tonnes of CO2 or 267.6 cars!