Qi Airpulse™ Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit

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Why do you need a charging kit?

Wires, wires, and more wires.  In an age where most of us have numerous devices to keep us online and connected, charging wires are one of the most commonplace objects that people carry around with them. A hassle and a nuisance.  But we need them, right? 


With Qi wireless technology, we can eliminate the mess and fuss.  The Qi Airpulse™ Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit is the simplest and easiest way to recharge your Samsung Galaxy S3.

How does it work?

Once you slip on the charging back cover for your Samsung Galaxy S3, you simply place your device on the charging pad and your phone will charge!  No more fishing for wires under your bed or your desk, the charging pad lights up as soon as your device is placed on top of the pad to let you know that it is being charged. 

The charging pad is manufactured in a slim design that also has an embedded intelligent circuit protection that allows the charging pad to be powered down once your Samsung Galaxy S3 has been fully charged. For easier convenience, the included power adapter has a cable length of 150 centimeters, or 59 inches. The Qi Compliant Power Back Cover that comes with the kit has been designed to specifically replace the original Galaxy S3 back cover.  

The Samsung Galaxy S3 kit is available with a black or white Qi charging Pad and a choice of white or blue back covers.  

Included in the Qi Airpulse™Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit:
  • Charging pad
  • Charging back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Power adapter supplies 19V DC to the charging pad, which equates to a maximum of 5 watts of output power.
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